Arizona Cardinals stay put in first round in 2022 re-draft of first three picks

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The Arizona Cardinals need to invest in their offensive line, and the Wisconsin Badgers are good at providing that help

What do the Cardinals need? An offensive lineman! When will they ever draft another one in the first three rounds? Nobody knows!

It’s a silly chant, but any Cardinals fan knows that the Cardinals have been neglecting the investment in their offensive line. It forces the Cardinals to go down risky roads, such as the Max Garcia experiment (yikes).

Logan Bruss beats out Cam Thomas here for the simple fact that Kyler Murray can’t have enough protection. On top of that, Wisconsin is pretty much “Offensive lineman U,” and you can find solid players from their starting five every single year.

Especially with the DeAndre Hopkins suspension, running the ball will have to work more to get teams off the Cardinals’ backs.

Bruss would be a great investment piece to help the running game thrive in the desert- something that has rarely happened.

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