Arizona Cardinals Getting Closer to Locking Up Kyler Murray

(Photo by Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) Kyler Murray /

Reports are surfacing that Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals are getting closer to an extension.

It was a Spring full of angst for Arizona Cardinals fans worried that drama surrounding the relationship between the team and its franchise QB would eventually devolve into full-blown dissent and possibly a divorce. Well, it appears that the marriage is still on solid ground and that vows will be renewed.

This morning, Jeff Darlington from ESPN is reporting that Murray and the Cardinals are moving along quite nicely in their extension talks and that having his signature on a long-term contract ahead of the start of training camp “remains a very reasonable likelihood.”

The tide has undoubtedly shifted from just a few months ago when a barrage of social media scrubbing and awkward letters from his agent had Murray at odds with the team. Though many pointed out that these extensions almost always happen after the draft, it didn’t stop jaded Cardinals fans from holding their breath and feeling like a breakup was imminent.

Arizona Cardinals fans are finally closer to seeing Kyler Murray extended

The radio silence over the ensuing months only helped solidify whatever opinions fans had, with the optimists saying “everything will work out fine, just let it play out ” and the pessimists using their tried but true “same ol’ Cardinals” line.

We are now close to putting a W up on the board for the optimists.

But no doubt this is welcome news for all Cardinals fans who saw the team fold down the stretch in 2021, only to be hit by the news that star WR DeAndre Hopkins would be suspended for the first six games of 2022 and, more recently, that the team is likely to lose starting Center, Rodney Hudson.

That noise you are hearing right now isn’t a mid-summer breeze; it’s the collective exhale of Cardinals fans who are starting to realize they won’t be losing their franchise QB anytime soon.

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