Top 3 Arizona Cardinals that will have a chip on their shoulder in 2022

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Kyler Murray still needs to prove to the NFL and the Arizona Cardinals he can be the franchise quarterback.

When you’re a number one overall pick, the expectations never get lowered. Especially after a 230 million dollar extension is given to you. But there are plenty who believe Murray’s struggles will continue.

Two (or three if you include his rookie season) straight collapses that have taken the Cardinals either out of the playoffs or to the verge of doing so have led people to make up their minds on Murray.

Murray will need not to fade down the stretch and work twice as hard with DeAndre Hopkins out for the first six games of the year. Franchise quarterbacks are a new thing to Cardinals fans, so excuse us if we don’t know what to do with our expectations.

But one thing is clear- if Murray can win in Arizona and bring a championship to the desert, all of this will be forgotten instantly.

Let’s see if 2022 can be the year Murray does just that.