3 Bears players the Arizona Cardinals must account for in Week 16

The Chicago Bears may also be a struggling football team, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have a few players the Arizona Cardinals need to look out for.
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DJ Moore
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2 - D.J. Moore could light up the Cardinals secondary

While the Bears are rarely known for their passing game, they have an outstanding receiver in D.J. Moore, who has continually put up huge numbers this season, including 80 receptions, 1,123 yards, and seven touchdowns. It’s clear that Moore has become Fields’ favorite target, so expect him to look toward the 26-year-old regardless if there are passing lanes open.

Despite the pedestrian passing numbers Fields has put up, Moore’s presence has made it clear that the 24-year-old Fields can be an effective passer when he has talent surrounding him. Moore has a catch percentage of 72.1, and Bears quarterbacks have a 114.1 quarterback rating when throwing his way. 

Moore is one of those players the Cards must have two defenders, preferably a corner and a safety, to account for him. If not, then he will invoke some serious damage to Arizona’s secondary, plus quite a few points to be scored that will force Kyler Murray and Company to keep up.