Arizona Cardinals would draft a high-end prospect for Kyler Murray if the season ended today

The Arizona Cardinals currently hold the second and 16th overall picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, and there is one player who may be available for the Redbirds.
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Even if Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon finished the season 1-16 (hint: he won’t), he’s still firmly entrenched in the driver’s seat as this team’s head coach. Gannon was hired amidst a rebuild, and the ensuing injury bug hasn’t helped matters, so it’s not necessarily on him as to why the Cards are so bad as we approach Week 8. 

But at 1-6, Arizona has the second overall pick in the NFL Draft, meaning that if they stayed even-keel, they could use the pick to select Marvin Harrison Jr., a star receiver who would at least pair well with Michael Wilson and Trey McBride. If Marquise Brown stays, then quarterback Kyler Murray has no choice but to live to his own lofty expectations next season. 

Murray is close to returning in 2023, and if by any means he plays like Joshua Dobbs, then the Cards can start over with someone like Drake Maye if they’re picking second overall. Preferably, Murray gives us a good eight to 10 games, and the Cards draft another pass-catcher as it logistically works better than the alternative. 

Arizona Cardinals also have the 16th pick in the draft as of today

Since the Houston Texans are playing well, the Cardinals won’t pick again until 16th overall if the 2023 season ended today. But with talent all over what should be a stacked 2024 class, they will still have plenty of solid options to choose from. 

This pick will most likely go to the defense, with the position depending on what they do in free agency. Should Ossenfort elect to take the conservative route again and save his money, then look for the Cards to take the best remaining defensive lineman or defensive back. But if he brings someone in from the outside, then we would have a clearer idea of what he will do in April 2024. 

Of course, with the 2023 season not even halfway complete, it’s still purely speculation. But we can almost guarantee that at this point, if the Cards are picking second overall when the season ends, a star receiver will be on his way to the desert.