Top 3 Arizona Cardinals duds after the first two weeks

The Arizona Cardinals let one slip away in their Week 2 loss vs. the New York Giants, and a few bad performances that carried over from last week didn’t help.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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Elijah Wilkinson
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2 - Elijah Wilkinson, OL

The Cardinals put their trust in Elijah Wilkinson, and so far, he’s rewarded them with a pair of penalties and a sack allowed through two games. Do the math, and that averages to 17 penalties on the year, along with 8.5 sacks allowed, so things aren’t exactly trending north for him. 

What’s more? Wilkinson is lucky to have given up just one sack this season, as when you look at his overall numbers, he has also allowed six pressures along with two quarterback hits. The former is an astronomical number in all the wrong ways when you average it out to 17 games, and it indicates he’s heading toward one-and-done status with Arizona. 

He currently ranks 70th out of 72 qualifying guards on PFF with an overall grade of 29.0. If and when these issues continue, don’t be surprised if the Arizona Cardinals look elsewhere to fill the starting left guard position, as Wilkinson clearly doesn’t look like the answer.