Arizona Cardinals: Top 5 greatest victories over the Cowboys (1988-2022)

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3 - Cardinals Start Dismantling a Dynasty

There are multiple viewpoints as to when the Cowboys dynasty ended in the 1990s. You may point to 1996, when the Cowboys were the defending Super Bowl Champions. Or, you may point to 1999, when the first of the Triplets (Michael Irvin) retired. 

Perhaps 1997 is the best bet, given the dreadful year the Cowboys endured under former head coach Barry Switzer. To further pinpoint things, maybe the beginning of the end occurred in Week 2 of 1997, when the Cowboys (who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 37-7 in Week 1), jumped out to a 22-7 lead on the eventual 4-12 Cardinals. 

Two touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters, however, led to the Cards to tie the game at 22, sending the contest into overtime, where Kevin Butler iced the game on a 20-yard field goal. While the Cards won just three more games that season, Dallas missed the playoffs. 

2 - Kyler Murray Embarrasses the Cowboys on Monday Night Football

In 2020, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray returned to Dallas for a Monday Night Football matchup against the struggling Cowboys. While Kyler and the Cards collapsed later that season, Arizona’s Week 6 matchup that year was nothing more than a high-octane Cardinals offense facing a downtrodden Cowboys defense. 

Murray completed just nine passes in that game, but he threw for 188 yards and two touchdowns. He also tacked on another 74 rushing yards and a touchdown on 10 carries, leading the Cards to a 38-10 win over the Cowboys.