3 Arizona Cardinals linebackers who must step up in wake of Kyzir White’s season-ending injury

The Arizona Cardinals lost one of their best players for the season when Kyzir White went down with a torn biceps injury.
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Owen Pappoe
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2 - Owen Pappoe

Owen Pappoe has yet to see a snap on defense this season, but that could change if the Arizona Cardinals look to promote in-house and don’t sign anyone. Pappoe is a rookie who has seen time on special teams, 173 snaps to be exact, but he’s also someone who should be taking his game up a notch following White’s injury.

Pappoe probably won’t see the playing field much early on, as that will rest with Josh Woods and Krys Barnes. But Woods hasn’t fared well and as mentioned, and Zeke Turner has proven throughout his six-year career he’s best suited for special teams. This leaves Pappoe as the (not so) odd-man-out should pedestrian production continue to come from Woods.

Since Pappoe was a Day 3 pick, he must seize this opportunity and tighten his grip if it’s given to him. The rookie has already seen one Day 3 pick excel in his role, that being Dante Stills, so it’s clear that Jonathan Gannon and Company are willing to give them opportunities, but it’s Pappoe’s job to step up.