3 Arizona Cardinals players who stood out despite blowout loss to Rams

The Arizona Cardinals lost yet again in what was a blowout vs. the Los Angeles Rams, but a few players still put on a show.
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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When you lose 37-14, you will attract a lot of negativity in the immediate aftermath, and for the Arizona Cardinals, there was hardly anything good to take away from this game. But, that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few solid performances, and they must be recognized. 

Each of the three players listed below did their part in helping the Cards at least avoid a total meltdown, despite the fact this was a three-possession game. Below, you’ll find one player who has spent the last month making a name for himself not just with the team, but in NFL circles. 

Another player has put on a show defensively over the previous two weeks, and the third one on this list settled into the starting lineup and played admirably. How did this trio make the best out of the worst situation imaginable and what could the rest of their season look like? Keep reading. 

Trey McBride, Michael Hoecht
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

3 Arizona Cardinals players who stood out despite loss to Rams

1 - Trey McBride, TE

Trey McBride is once again showing his worth, this time snagging seven receptions on nine targets for 60 yards, and 8.6 yards per reception. No, he didn’t find the end zone, but McBride has been the best offensive player on the field over the past few weeks, and he now has 33 catches in the last five games, putting him on pace for another 33 if he continues his current production. 

With 48 catches already this season, another 33 will give McBride 81 this year. He’s also averaged 70.2 yards in those five games, so if you take that number and multiply it by five, you get roughly 350 more receiving yards this year. That’s 521 he’s already accumulated, plus 350 more, which is good for 871 receiving yards through an 18-week season. 

Regardless of what happens, McBride has more than won his spot for next year, and he will become the favorite target for whoever lines up under center.