Arizona Cardinals poor draft grade from major network is spot on

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The Arizona Cardinals have gotten poor reviews all over the NFL universe. So what’s one more? This one pertains to their abysmal drafting during the Keim Era.

Oh yes, the Arizona Cardinals are back at it once more…in the not-so-good reviews department, that is. Hey, what else is new, right?

So what is it this time? Well, Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus has rated the Redbirds as one of the five worst teams in the NFL when it comes to drafting talent since 2015. 

Of course, with Steve Keim at the helm over the past decade, that should bode as little surprise. While Keim hit on some picks, like Budda Baker and Jalen Thompson, for example, the jury either remains out on others, or within a few seasons, not a single player of a certain class remains, like the relatively recent 2018 haul. 

Who was the best player drafted since 2015? Per Monson, the honor belonged to Kyler Murray, which isn’t saying much. While Murray has had his moments and a few accolades, maturity issues, questionable work ethic, and poor play on the field in 2022 have plagued the former top pick. 

However, recent news shows that Murray may be in ‘new and improved’ mode following the display of his epic progress since ACL surgery. If Murray comes back and plays his best brand of football in 2023, he wouldn’t just be the best pick since 2015; he would be arguably the team’s best draft pick since the Redbirds moved to the desert. 

Arizona Cardinals have an opportunity to turn the page with Monti Ossenfort

What’s the good news in all of this? Obviously, Keim isn’t the man in charge anymore. So while he reflects on his time with the Cardinals via podcasts, the incumbent Monti Ossenfort is busy preparing for his first NFL Draft as general manager. 

So if you’re a Cardinals fan who is once again frustrated with yet another reason for the rest of the league to laugh at your team, rest assured that there might be some hope after all with Ossenfort. Why should you be optimistic here? After free agency, it’s clear the current man in charge wants to build through the draft. 

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