No, Arizona Cardinals quarterback is not a realistic trade option for the Jets

If there is one narrative that tanks any tanking accusation, it’s that the Arizona Cardinals coaching staff is unwavering of their commitment to Kyler Murray.
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When New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers went down for the season with an Achilles injury, there were obvious rumblings about who could realistically fill in for him. The most realistic option is Zach Wilson, who Gang Green will at least give first dibs. But it also hasn’t entirely blocked out a potential trade involving Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kyler Murray. 

Yesterday, Justin Fried of The Jet Press listed nine transactions at quarterback the Jets could take. And most of them are avenues they could most definitely pursue, but not their seventh option on the list, which mentions Kyler Murray. In the following snippet, Fried stated that in their piece:

"“This is the most unrealistic option on this list, but it's worth considering. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is still working his way back from a torn ACL he suffered late last season. Murray is expected to return at some point in 2023, but the Cardinals are in no hurry to rush him back. It's also unclear if he still has a future in Arizona, especially if the Cardinals are eyeing a quarterback (see: Caleb Williams) in the 2024 NFL Draft.”

Justin Fried

Source: 9 realistic QB options for NY Jets after Aaron Rodgers injury

Arizona Cardinals won’t change their plans regarding Kyler Murray

Fried makes some excellent points here, as the Cardinals made it clear before the season that they are taking their time with Murray. And that’s the right call, considering they want him to be 100% healthy to negate any unnecessary risks of him re-injuring his knee. 

If the latter were to occur, then the Redbirds would (most likely) have no choice but to roll with a quarterback in the 2024 draft. This would put the Cardinals in a precarious situation, as they would most likely be forced to cut Murray in such a scenario. 

Then there are other financial aspects, like dead cap. So case in point, it’s in the Redbirds best interest if Murray returns when there is not even the slightest doubt that his knee is back in shape. 

Fried is also correct about the overall uncertainty surrounding Murray. Ideally, we see the former number one overall pick return and work his way back into Top 15 consideration among starting quarterbacks. But if he returns and plays the way Josh Dobbs did in Week 1 for a few games, or if he struggles with consistency issues, then don’t be surprised if the Cards are heavily scouting the likes of Caleb Williams, or better yet, Drake Maye or Shedeur Sanders

Overall, any possible trade involving the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets is close to none. However, Fried was correct to at least entertain the possibility. Yet in the overall scope of things, Kyler Murray will be wearing a red and white uniform for (hopefully) at least eight games in 2023.