Top 5 ‘best players on the board’ for the Arizona Cardinals in 2023 NFL Draft

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Rod Moore, Quentin Johnston
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3 - Quentin Johnston, WR/TCU

More than a few mock drafts have Quentin Johnston falling to either later in, or even out of the first round. But at 6’4, 210lb, plus a large jump in production in 2022, forget about it; he’s going in the top 20, and even that’s pushing it. 

Johnston’s receiving yardage sailed north of 1,000 yards last fall, and with a career 19.0 yards per catch, he could become a deep threat for the Arizona Cardinals if they opt to draft him. If Ossenfort trades back, don’t be surprised if you wind up seeing Johnston in those new uniforms. 

4 - Paris Johnson Jr. OT/Ohio State

At worst, the Cardinals offensive line will be serviceable. But Paris Johnson Jr. could be another one of those can’t-miss prospects. With an aging Kelvin Beachum on the right side and D.J. Humphries coming off a season-ending injury, what’s not to say Ossenfort feels like he could upgrade the line, even if it’s not an immediate need, sans the center position?

While I don’t see Johnson coming to the desert, I also won’t completely rule it out. As with Johnston listed in the above section, this potential pick wouldn’t surprise me.