3 bold predictions for the Arizona Cardinals in Week 18 vs. the Seahawks

The Arizona Cardinals have one more game to go in 2023, and so it is time to get bold once more as the Redbirds close out the season.
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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Michael Wilson
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3 - Michael Wilson posts another stellar outing

After catching zero passes on seven targets in Weeks 15 and 16, we had a reason to doubt Michael Wilson despite his success earlier in the season. Wilson looked like he was finished as far as 2023 went heading into last week, and things got even worse when he too was on the wrong end of Kyler Murray’s pick-six. 

But Wilson responded in the best way possible, and this week, we will see a repeat of that. The only difference is that he will record at least 75 yards on five catches, re-establishing himself as a deep threat in Week 18. 

This will give even more optimism for the Red Sea, as Wilson can potentially solve the issues at WR2 even if the Cards should still look either to free agency or the draft to bring in a young WR1, perhaps someone like Tee Higgins. Yeah, that’s one stellar pass-catching unit whenever you insert tight end Trey McBride into the equation.


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