3 bold predictions for the Arizona Cardinals Week 4 matchup vs. the 49ers

The Arizona Cardinals are heading into Week 4 with high hopes that they can pull off another stunner. Here are three things that can go right for the Redbirds.
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Brock Purdy
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2 - Cardinals sack Brock Purdy four times

Brock Purdy has been sacked six times so far this season, and the Arizona Cardinals have tallied 11 sacks. Do the math, and the Cards are averaging 3.6 sacks per game while Purdy has gone down an average of two times in each contest. This averages to 2.8 when you take the number of times the Cards have taken opposing quarterbacks down behind the line vs. the times Purdy has been sacked. 

But consider this: Purdy has been pressured 29 times already this season in three starts. Last year, he started five games, played in nine, and faced just 31 pressures. He was also pressured on just 16.6% of all his dropbacks last year, but that number has ballooned to 29.3% across the season’s first three weeks. 

The Cardinals don’t blitz often, but when they do, their EDGE rushers often find themselves chasing quarterbacks. Expect them to be selective once more when they blitz, but there is a good chance they will get to Purdy a few times when defensive coordinator Nick Rallis decides to send pressure.