3 bold predictions for the Arizona Cardinals Week 6 matchup

The Arizona Cardinals are facing the Los Angeles Rams seeking to add another W to their win total, but their NFC West rival is tougher than advertised.
Cincinnati Bengals v Arizona Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals face the Los Angeles Rams in under 24 hours and they desperately need to find a way to return to the win column. And while the Rams are the latest team that, on paper, hold the edge in this week’s outing, it doesn’t mean the Cardinals won’t sneak up on them and steal a win. 

Sure, if you’re projecting the Cards to land the W, then you’re going the bold prediction route. So let’s do just that, and project the Redbirds to sneak a win over the Rams. And why not get even bolder and test the edges of reality? Here are three more bold predictions in the Cardinals Week 6 matchup against a longtime rival. 

Matthew Stafford
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3 bold predictions in the Arizona Cardinals Week 6 matchup

1 - Cardinals defense holds Matthew Stafford to under 200 passing yards

When you look at Matthew Stafford’s overall numbers, it’s no secret that he’s struggled this season. However, Stafford has excelled in passing yards, tossing for 1,451 in 2023, or 290.2 per game. If Stafford keeps up this pace, he will finish the year with an outrageous 4,933 yards, even if his touchdown-to-interception ratio remains intertwined at 1:1 in simplest terms. 

And the Arizona Cardinals defense isn’t built to stop the pass this season, something they have shown in Weeks 2, 4, and 5. Now that they’re without Jalen Thompson this week, that task just got taller, but even the worst passing defenses pull off stunners, and the Cardinals are due. 

Tomorrow, the Redbirds passing defense keeps Stafford and his red-hot receivers in check, holding them to under 200 passing yards and keeping the contest a low-scoring affair - or maybe not (see prediction #3). This will put pressure on the Cardinals offense to play better than it did last week, a task that will prove tougher without James Conner.