Cardinals 2024 NFL Draft "What If" Series: Cardinals double-dip at WR in first round

Could the Cardinals consider drafting two rookie wide receivers in the first round?
Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals
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Even though a team needs at the minimum a decent defense to have success in the NFL, offense has become such an important factor as to how teams are winning in this league. There are not many teams left in the NFL that are winning because of their defense. The teams that are continously making the playoffs year after year usually have a great offense that can run the ball when needed, and can move through the air without much limitations. Right now, the Arizona Cardinals are in a little bit of a rebuild mode with being weak on both sides of the ball. Their offense outside of Kyler Murray is not dangerous and their defense is near the bottom of the league.

Monti Ossenfort has went out during the first two days of the legal tampering period and agreed to terms with multiple defensive players, and only one offensive player (who is more utilized on special teams). It is very possible that the Cardinals make more of a splash in the draft than they do in free agency. With two first-round picks on the first night of the draft, the Cardinals are more than likely going with all-star wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State with the 4th pick. Then the wait will come for Ossenfort until later in the first round.

At pick #27, the board will show what Ossenfort can do with Arizona's second first-round pick. We see different things happen every year during the draft where prospects either get taken earlier than expected, or top rated prospects end up falling. While the Cardinals have many needs on their roster, they need to make sure that Kyler Murray has reliable weapons around him.

Could the Cardinals end up taking two wide receivers in the first round?

Should Ossenfort have the chance to select Harrison at No.4, that gives the Cardinals an expected number one wideout for the future. However, if they see another wide receiver prospect fall down the draft board, or even feel strongly about another receiver that may not be there by the end of the first round or going into the second round, selecting another receiver is not the worst option. You can never have too many weapons on offense, especially in the NFC West.

While the Cardinals should look to address another area of need like their offensive line, secondary, and edge rusher, there is a difference between selecting a highly rated receiver over a low-ranked player at another position. In order for Drew Petzing and the Cardinals offense to have success, there has to be at the minimum decent weapons for Murray to utilize because there will be games where Arizona is going to have to play from behind.