3 major disadvantages the Arizona Cardinals have heading into Week 3 vs. the Cowboys

The Arizona Cardinals have a tough hill to climb heading into their Week 3 matchup vs. the Dallas Cowboys, and these disadvantages will complicate things.
New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals are heading into a matchup that only the most faithful fans in the Red Sea can see them winning, and even that’s a stretch. As an optimist, I will never say there is a single matchup the Cards can’t win, and I even managed to find three advantages they could have over the Dallas Cowboys. 

But, when you look at both teams on paper, it seems as though the Cowboys have the Cards overmatched in every positional unit and situation. Therefore, it wasn’t hard to pick a trio of disadvantages the Redbirds will have against Dallas, so I rolled with the most pressing. 

For one, we know the Cardinals offense has yet to be consistent. And given its defense’s meltdown last week, especially in the secondary, it could be a problem too. The injury bug seems to be once again biting the Cardinals. And while the Redbirds have yet to show they can hold a lead, the Cowboys relentlessly build on them. 

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New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

3 disadvantages the Arizona Cardinals have vs. the Dallas Cowboys

1 - Inconsistencies all over the field

Through a pair of weeks, the Arizona Cardinals have been wildly inconsistent on both sides of the ball. Defensively, the Redbirds shined through their first six quarters of the season before they sustained a meltdown in last week’s loss vs. the New York Giants. 

Ironically, the offense has done the exact opposite, posting two incredible quarters, two-and-a-half really, while they scored just one offensive touchdown in the other six. So far, be it on offense or defense, neither side of the ball has clicked, while the Cowboys have been consistent in every phase of the game. 

These inconsistencies are likely to continue in Week 3, and when they do, the Redbirds will make this insurmountable task borderline impossible. Not that there isn’t a way to win, but their overall inconsistencies against one of the league’s best could put them down and out by halftime.