3 dream trades for the Arizona Cardinals as the 2023 trade deadline approaches

The Arizona Cardinals will likely “sell” at the trade deadline, so which players could they go without as October 31st looms?
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There aren’t many players in the desert that would entice teams to work the phones with general manager Monti Ossenfort. Some of the Arizona Cardinals more experienced players like James Conner and Zach Ertz have landed on injured reserve, and there are quite a few other potential trade options the Redbirds may want to hold onto. 

But, what if the right offer came along for general manager Monti Ossenfort? Below, there are three trades involving some of the better players that the Cardinals have. And since Arizona figures to sell at the deadline, the proposed outlined trades involve those more prominent players for draft picks in 2024 and 2025. 

Now, before we get into this exercise, I’d like to stress that this is not something that I think will happen, or that any of the following players are on the trade block. But they are names Ossenfort will likely field calls for, so they are nothing more than ideal trade compensation.

Marquise Brown
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3 dream trades for Arizona Cardinals in 2023

1 - Marquise Brown for a second-rounder and a 2025 fourth-round pick

With Kyler Murray on the verge of returning, it would be tough to see the Arizona Cardinals trading Marquise Brown. The team on the other end of the line would need to entice the front office to make it happen, so expect Ossenfort to ask for some draft capital this season. 

While it’s more realistic to see a third-round pick in this slot, the dream scenario would be a 2024 second-rounder, plus a 2025 fourth-rounder thrown in as a bonus. This would give the Cards two firsts and two seconds for the 2024 draft, guaranteeing them four selections in the top 64, assuming they don’t trade away any assets.

With the Arizona Cardinals in need of several positions like the left side of the offensive line, running back, defensive line, and corner, this would be a smart trade. As I write this the Cards also have the second pick, so it’s likely Marvin Harrison Jr. could wind up as Brown’s replacement in such a scenario.