Last-second bold prediction in Arizona Cardinals Week 15 matchup

The Arizona Cardinals have arguably their toughest matchup of the season coming up later today vs. the San Francisco 49ers.
Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers
Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals are a 3-10 football team and while they are mathematically still in the playoff race given how poorly the NFC has played this season, they are much closer to the first overall pick than they are a wildcard spot. And if the Cards lose today, that last thread clinging to any improbable playoff chance will break. 

Despite the fact they are likely to lose this afternoon, the Cardinals found themselves in this position once before when they faced the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3. If you remember it right, no one gave the Cards a chance then, and they ended up winning by two possessions. 

While such an upset is probably out of the question today, it also doesn’t mean they won’t give us a few things to cheer for. Trey McBride, one of three X-Factors for the week, can make that happen, and at the absolute least, he will turn in a solid performance.

Trey McBride will continue to make the offense look alive

The second-year tight end won’t just make the Arizona Cardinals offense click vs. one of the best defenses in football; he will log his best game since Week 10. During the DeAndre Hopkins era, quarterback Kyler Murray often looked for his then-favorite target vs. such tough opponents, and you can expect the same thing to occur here given McBride’s recent emergence.

McBride will once again snag eight receptions, but this time he takes it over the century mark in receiving yards while catching another touchdown pass in the process. Sure, vs. a team like the 49ers, it could occur in garbage time, or perhaps McBride’s performance will keep things interesting in this one. 

Either way, he’s shattering the record today for most receptions for a tight end in a single season, something we discussed earlier in the week. Overall, a good game from McBride will help the Arizona Cardinals offense at least look competent vs. a 49ers defense that has been impeccable lately. 


(Statistics provided by Pro-Football-Reference)