3 offseason catastrophes the Arizona Cardinals must avoid

The Arizona Cardinals 2024 offseason needs to bring in more talent on both sides of the ball in 2024, but there are a few traps they can fall into.
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2 - Trading up in the first round with their second pick

In an earlier piece, I argued that the Redbirds shouldn’t trade up for a talent like Marvin Harrison with their fourth pick. And the same would also go for any other big name falling down the boards who they could realistically snag if they traded up with their second first-round pick.

We know the Cards will select at least 25th with their second pick, but in a draft class that is deep in the Redbirds respective positions of need, there is no need to trade up at the expense of losing draft capital. The Cardinals need a big-time receiver, another tackle, and a corner (as mentioned in the previous section) above everything else, and they are among the deepest position groups in the 2024 draft class, further negating the need for a trade.

Until every position group brims with at least serviceable talent, every pick, especially those on Days 1 and 2, needs to remain with the Cardinals. Once Ossenfort adequately fills all the roster holes with potential long-term answers, then we can talk about trading up in future drafts.