Top 3 overrated free agents in 2023 the Arizona Cardinals should stay away from

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The Arizona Cardinals got some spending power as they try to revamp what was a 4-13 roster. But there are some names they should steer clear from.

The Arizona Cardinals have almost $34 million in available cap space, a far cry from what they were just one month ago. So you should expect your Redbirds to spend their way into acquiring at least a few quality players once the 15th rolls around. 

But with so much money to spend, the Cards still need to spend it wisely. Therefore, there are a few players listed below that will carry a buyer-beware tag at positions of need. Who are these players and why are they so overrated? Keep reading for more. 

Arizona Cardinals must stay away from Parris Campbell
Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Parris Campbell (1) rushes the ball after making a long reception / Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY

Overrated free agents the Arizona Cardinals should steer clear from

1 - Parris Campbell, WR

Parris Campbell had a good season with the Indianapolis Colts, despite playing in a disaster of a quarterback situation. He recorded 63 receptions on 91 targets, 623 yards, and 3 receiving touchdowns. 

Campbell would also give the Arizona Cardinals not just a productive, but a taller receiver than what they already got sans DeAndre Hopkins. So what’s the problem? The guy could not stay healthy over the first three seasons of his career. 

Between 2019 and 2021, Campbell appeared in just 15 of a possible 49 regular season games. If that isn’t enough to make you go, yikes, then it’s hard to determine what does. 

Overall, general manager Monti Ossenfort needs to do himself a favor and stay away from Campbell. He could turn into a productive player in this league, but if you are a rebuilding team looking to make serious investments in free agency, Campbell is too risky. There are plenty of other receivers to go after if you decide to trade Hopkins.