4 players on offense who the Arizona Cardinals could jettison in 2024

There are several members of the Arizona Cardinals scoring attack who may not be back with the organization next season.
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Marquise Brown
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Marquise Brown - Wide Receiver

When superstar DeAndre Hopkins was jettisoned back in May, Marquise Brown assumed the role of the Cards' number-one wide receiver. It was a fantastic opportunity for the former opening-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens, a fifth-year pro who just happened to be heading into a contract year. The ball was in Brown's court to show the new regime what he can do, and earn the rich new deal he obviously covets.

With the pressure to perform hanging squarely over his head, Brown has come up small. After a somewhat encouraging start, the 26-year-old has been pretty much a non-factor over the past couple of months. Many thought that Brown would catch fire when Murray was back under center, but the results from that connection have been downright abysmal.

Brown's contract will expire at the conclusion of the schedule, and the chances of him remaining in the desert appear to be slim. The thought of re-signing a 5 foot 8,180 pound wideout who has struggled to get separation this fall is far from appealing. It sure seems as if Brown's time with Arizona is about to come to an end.