5 Bold Predictions for Arizona Cardinals 2023 season

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3 - Michael Wilson is the team’s leading receiver

Michael Wilson has steal potential, and his lack of big-time college production was only a thing because he was often injured. But if Wilson stays healthy, the big target from Stanford can immediately serve as DeAndre Hopkins’ successor and become the WR1 for this Arizona Cardinals team. 

At this time, Marquise Brown holds the honor, but Wilson’s similar size to Hopkins should make him Kyler Murray’s top target when the quarterback inevitably returns from injury. He will also be a go-to receiver for Colt McCoy or Clayton Tune, especially in one-on-one coverage. 

4 - Zaven Collins racks up 10-plus sacks

The Cardinals moved Zaven Collins from inside linebacker to outside linebacker/edge because they felt he would fit the position better in their defensive scheme. Given the way Collins has already impressed the coaches and appears to be embracing the switch, look for Collins to enjoy a huge season. 

It also helps that Collins has a pair of capable edge rushers in Myjai Sanders and Cameron Thomas who can draw attention away from him. And if B.J. Ojulari catches on quick, he’s yet another player opponents must account for, leaving Collins to see plenty of opportunities.