5 Bold Predictions for Arizona Cardinals 2023 season

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Isaiah Simmons
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5 - Four players from Cardinals secondary make the Pro Bowl

Budda Baker and Jalen Thompson are potential shoo-ins, but Isaiah Simmons, now that he has a chance to lock down a single position for once, or at least a single position unit, should make a jump in production this season. You won’t see the same poor coverage from 2022, and since Simmons is also a sure tackler proven capable of making splash plays, he should be a lot of fun to watch. 

Ditto for Marco Wilson, who put up outstanding numbers in 2022. If Wilson makes a few more plays, he too should earn his first Pro Bowl Games appearance. Regardless of whether all four of them make it, look for the Redbirds secondary to perform better than many think in 2023. 

Overall, you can make several bold predictions for the season, even for a team that’s not supposed to go anywhere. And the Arizona Cardinals are no exception.