Ranking the Arizona Cardinals uniformed matchups of 2023

If the Arizona Cardinals improved in one area this season, it was in their aesthetics. Here are the best (and worst) uniformed matchups for the season.
Arizona Cardinals tight end Trey McBride (85) catches a pass against the San Francisco 49ers during
Arizona Cardinals tight end Trey McBride (85) catches a pass against the San Francisco 49ers during / Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin Berl/GettyImages

5th - Week 13 at Pittsburgh

Few uniforms in football boast a more traditional look than the Pittsburgh Steelers, so this was going to be a good-looking matchup when the Cards traveled and intended to wear its modern-classic icy whites. And it didn’t disappoint, especially since the weather guaranteed those uniforms to collect more than a few grass stains. 

4th - Week 6 at Los Angeles Rams

Now this was the matchup that looked nothing short of excellent, with the Rams decked out in their royal blue jerseys and sol pants, which prompted the Cards to wear their whites. Side note: This matchup would look epic in a color-on-color setting, with Los Angeles wearing the same look, but with the Cards rolling with their red jersey and white pants. 

3rd - Week 9 at Cleveland

This game didn’t fare so well on the scoreboard, but when you pair a set of modern-classics that closely resemble the timeless threads of old, you get one of the best uniformed matchups of the season. Cleveland’s uniforms may be polarizing, but they’ve stood the test of time sans their ill-fated 2015-19 look, and those Arizona Cardinals icy whites should be heading in a timeless direction. 

Tied for 1st - Weeks 4 and 15 at/vs San Francisco

This one deserves a tie, because the Cardinals wore the same exact look in both games vs. the San Francisco 49ers, and the latter did the same. Therefore, they tie for first, and this is a matchup that once again features a pair of modernized classics that should stick around for a while. 


Source: Gridiron-Uniforms