3 takeaways from the Arizona Cardinals epic Week 3 win over the Dallas Cowboys

The Arizona Cardinals enjoyed a game to remember in their improbable win over a team that was thought of as the NFL’s finest.
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
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Joshua Dobbs
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2 - Joshua Dobbs is at least a capable spot starter

When quarterback Joshua Dobbs came to the desert, it felt as though the Arizona Cardinals landed a player who could be solid when called upon if he wasn’t asked to do much. Translation: If Dobbs turned around and handed the ball off 65% of the time, then the Cards should be good to go with him in the lineup.

Over the previous two weeks, Dobbs has put up more than just your average performances. In Week 2 vs. the Giants, he showed us he could string together a few drives and lead the Redbirds into the end zone. But in Week 3, Dobbs’ accuracy and football instincts were top-notch. 

He completed 80.9% of his passing attempts, totaled 244 yards from scrimmage (including 189 passing yards), and averaged a stellar 9.0 yards per throw. If Dobbs keeps playing this way, then the Cards could be in good hands until Kyler Murray returns.