Top 5 potential uniform matchups for the Arizona Cardinals vs. the AFC in the 2020s

You can dub the 2023 season as the Year the Throwbacks Returned, and it would set up some potentially classic-looking matchups for the Arizona Cardinals.
Cardinals players D.J. Humphries (74), Cameron Thomas (97), and James Conner (6) pose for pictures
Cardinals players D.J. Humphries (74), Cameron Thomas (97), and James Conner (6) pose for pictures / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY
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In April 2023, the Arizona Cardinals didn’t unveil a throwback uniform, but their all-white combo looks pretty close to the traditional look they wore in the past. Their home reds are also basically their traditional getups, with the only real exceptions being shoulder as opposed to sleeve TV numbers, ‘ARIZONA’ scripted across the chest, a silver cardinal on the nameplate, and silver outlining the number.

Thanks to this modern-classic design, it shows us that the Cardinals can make things look vintage vs. a few AFC teams this decade should the latter either wear a variation of their modern-classic primaries, or if they don a throwback. Which AFC teams would the Cards look their best against aesthetically? 

Bobby Okereke
Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Best AFC uniform matchups for the Arizona Cardinals beyond 2023

Honorable Mention: All-white combo vs. Classic Colts

While the Indianapolis Colts unveiled arguably the most hideous alternate uniform in the NFL last week, they also have some beautiful throwbacks. These throwbacks may not deviate too much from the primaries, with primary differences in striping pattern, striped socks, and a smaller horseshoe logo. 

However, the old Chicago Cardinals saw themselves playing the Colts in such a look shortly after the latter was established. If the Cards really wanted to add some authenticity, why not ditch the bird for the game and roll with plain, white helmets?

5 - Red on white vs. Cleveland Browns all-white throwbacks

I have been waiting for the Cleveland Browns to unveil their white helmet since the NFL dropped its one-helmet rule. And what I love about it is the fact that they entwined classic and modern, just as the Cardinals have done with their own look. 

This would be a modern-classic matchup between the 1947 NFL Champions and the 1947 AAFC Champions. And while I love accurate depictions of throwbacks, sometimes those modern classic designs win out, and this is one of those cases.