Top 5 potential uniform matchups for the Arizona Cardinals vs. the AFC in the 2020s

You can dub the 2023 season as the Year the Throwbacks Returned, and it would set up some potentially classic-looking matchups for the Arizona Cardinals.
Cardinals players D.J. Humphries (74), Cameron Thomas (97), and James Conner (6) pose for pictures
Cardinals players D.J. Humphries (74), Cameron Thomas (97), and James Conner (6) pose for pictures / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Justin Herbert
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

4 - All-white road combo vs. Los Angeles Chargers powder blue on gold

If the Arizona Cardinals had just released their new uniforms last season, we at least could have seen the newer and better-looking red on white look facing the Los Angeles Chargers in the latter’s white on gold threads. But is there anything better in league history than they powder blue on gold?

It’s hard to come by, so I’m rolling with it while the Cards wear the more vintage-looking all-white combo as opposed to white on red for this matchup. This would resemble a rather classic-looking matchup between the old St. Louis Cardinals and the San Diego Chargers.

3 - All-white road combo vs. Tennessee Titans (as the Houston Oilers)

The Tennessee Titans have arguably the worst uniform in pro football, so it was a breath of fresh air when they finally did the right thing this year and unveiled their old Houston Oilers threads. Once again, I’m going with the most vintage look in the Redbirds wardrobe, which is the all-white combo vs. those fantastic-looking Oilers throwbacks. 

The Cards and Oilers boast arguably two of the best color combos in league history, so to see them squaring off would be a treat for uniform enthusiasts. It also looks like the Titans are rolling with the Oilers throwbacks long-term, so in a couple of seasons, we may see this matchup come to fruition.