Top 5 potential uniform matchups for the Arizona Cardinals vs. NFC for the 2020s

In the past two seasons, amazing unveilings have occurred on the uniform front, with the Arizona Cardinals even boasting an upgraded version of their classics.
Cardinals fans line up to take pictures of Kyler Murray (1) and his teammates as they show off the
Cardinals fans line up to take pictures of Kyler Murray (1) and his teammates as they show off the / Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY
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2 - Cardinals in red on white vs. Cowboys white on silver

Yep, another Cardinals vs. Cowboys uniform matchup. One of the greatest uniformed matchups ever occurred when the Arizona Cardinals marched into Texas Stadium in their red jerseys while the Cowboys wore their home whites. And to be honest, the matchup didn’t look half-bad even when the Cardinals wore their infamous 2005 to 2022 look. 

So to replace them with a modern classic, once again with the red jersey on white pants vs. the Cowboys classics that have barely changed, we’re once more getting this matchup back. And unlike most of the others on this list, in which the Cards would only see if their opponents were hosting a throwback weekend, this matchup is one we could see literally every time the two teams play this decade and perhaps beyond. 

1 - Cardinals in all white vs. Seattle Seahawks AFC throwbacks

The Seattle Seahawks, in my opinion, have among the worst uniforms in football given their college-like vibes. And it’s been that way for a while now, thanks to their radical redesign in 2002 that just about nobody liked, especially when they “rocked” those infamous lime-green jerseys for a game back in 2009.

So if Seattle ever wants to bring back yet another classic matchup, then it needs to be done when the Arizona Cardinals come to town. The Cards wear their classic all-white look while the Seahawks wear their most famous and most popular look, and we’re again looking at some remarkable aesthetics here. 

Or, if we want to bring in some modern flair, then what’s not to say we turn this one into a color vs. color matchup, where the Cards wear their red over white look while Seattle rocks those throwbacks? Yep, you’re looking at a few unforgettable uniform matchups here.