Where do the new Arizona Cardinals uniforms rank in the NFL hierarchy?

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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The Arizona Cardinals unleashed their new uniforms upon the NFL two days ago. How do they stack up against the rest of the league?

I can give you this hint: The Arizona Cardinals uniforms are NOT in the lower 16 this time around. Their new and vastly improved uniforms may be minimal in design, but following the horrific threads they wore between 2005 and 2022, it was a long overdue change. 

So where do they rank now that we’ve seen the new look? Keep reading for more. 

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Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Where do the Arizona Cardinals uniforms rank in the NFL?

Tier 6: Get rid of them and start over 

32 - Washington Commanders

For one, the Washington Football Team had a much better (and more unique) ring to it than the Commanders. And the Alabama-like uniforms that followed were old school and classic. These threads? Not so much. 

31 - Tennessee Titans

Like the Commanders, I understand the rebranding part that occurred over two decades ago. It was a necessity when the team became the Titans in 1999. But you could’ve still held onto the Houston Oiler-like uniforms as a link to their time in Houston. 

30 - Atlanta Falcons

Know how the Falcons would skyrocket up these rankings? Exactly, turn the alternate threads into permanent ones, and you’re golden. Those red helmets are long overdue to make their permanent return. 

29 - Seattle Seahawks

If I wanted to see uniform designs where there is too much going on, I’d watch college football. Seattle may’ve played some good football in their current threads, but they look like a college team. Thank goodness they’re wearing the AFC throwbacks as an alternate. Any chance they can just bring them back full time?

28 - New England Patriots 

While Seattle is busy looking like a college team, the Patriots current threads look like high school football uniforms. Also like the Seahawks, I’m glad this team had enough audacity to don the Pat Patriot look a few times per year. Bring it back for good, please. 

27 - Baltimore Ravens

Purple and black are two of my favorite colors (next to cardinal red, obviously). But the Baltimore Ravens have yet to figure out how to make them look good on the field. Making the uniform look like it didn’t come from the mid-1990s is a good place to begin. 

26 - Denver Broncos

Do the right thing and bring back the D-logo with the sky blue. I get that you won three Super Bowls in your current threads, but like the Ravens looks, they scream 1990s and were, if anything, a fad that should’ve been phased out by now.