Where would the Arizona Cardinals pick if the 2023 season ended after Week 12?

After 12 weeks, the Arizona Cardinals were two teams to reach the ill-fated 10-loss milestone first, so they have an ultra-high pick.
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The Arizona Cardinals inspired no one in their Week 12 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, and the only reason the Carolina Panthers lost 10 games quicker than the Cards is because they already had their bye week. It took Carolina, who traded what is currently the first overall pick to the Chicago Bears, 11 games to reach the ill-fated mark while it took Arizona 12 contests, giving them the second pick following Week 12. 

The Cardinals also owe one to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They beat what was a surging Houston Texans team, whose first-round pick the Redbirds also have. It dropped Houston out of the wildcard and to the 17th spot, which if the season ended following Week 12, gives the Cards a pair of top 20 picks. 

Who could the Arizona Cardinals take if they kept the 2nd and 17th picks?

It depends on what they decide to do with Kyler Murray, and if they end up trading him, then Drake Maye is the likeliest candidate. However, the most logical move is to keep Murray for another season, which will allow them to add more talent to the team in the offseason. 

If the Cards embark on this likelier route, they can still take several options that range from Marvin Harrison Jr., an offensive line prospect like Olu Fashanu or Joe Alt, or they can even trade the pick and add more draft capital. 

The later pick will depend on what the Cards do with their top pick, and by extension, whether Murray remains in the desert will also influence it. Cornerback is one option, but there are also several tackles who will still be available, like Taliese Fuaga, Amarius Mims, and Graham Barton. 

Overall, there are many options the Arizona Cardinals can take, and that trend will continue into and likely through March 2024. But considering the offensive line’s regression lately, tackle is now well on the radar, and this draft class has a deep group at the position. 


Source: Tankathon