Where do the new Arizona Cardinals uniforms rank in the NFL hierarchy?

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
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Shi Smith, Chuba Hubbard
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Tier 5 - Keep some elements, but upgrade others

25 - Carolina Panthers

Like Denver’s and Baltimore’s looks, Carolina is stuck in the 1990s. If they went with a minimalist design with blue as their primary color, these uniforms would immediately skyrocket. And yes, that means blue jerseys as the home primary, please. 

24 - Los Angeles Rams

In 2020, the Rams only had to return to their 1973 to 1999 look permanently. Instead, they went with what I can only call a poorly done modernized upgrade of that look. To their credit, they at least phased out the bone-colored jerseys…mostly. 

23 - New York Jets

Unlike many, I supported the switch back to green. Unfortunately for the Jets, the helmet logo didn’t accompany the helmet design. Bummer! Honestly, if they got rid of the script above the numbers and just returned to JETS with the futuristic jet going across the top, this uniform would skyrocket in the rankings. 

22 - New Orleans Saints

Please, for the sake of uniform aesthetics enthusiasts everywhere, just get rid of the white and black pants, and stick with the gold. I don’t understand what’s so hard about this. The Saints are one of those teams who could have a timeless look, if only they realized it. 

21 - Philadelphia Eagles

The kelly green look will always be the best in team history. At least we will see it again as an alternate, and it’s long overdue. The next step? Like so many other uniforms in the back half of these rankings, bring it back permanently.