Where do the new Arizona Cardinals uniforms rank in the NFL hierarchy?

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons
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Tier 3 - Just a few minor adjustments…

15 - Jacksonville Jaguars

While their current set is not their best - the 1995-96 uniforms always will be, this current set is definitely up there. Sure, it’s minimalist, but it’s also a far cry from the ill-fated 2013-17 designs, which may qualify as the worst in league history. 

14 - Arizona Cardinals

It’s so refreshing to see that the Arizona Cardinals revamped their look. Sure, it’s minimalist, but the Cards aren’t strangers to minimalist looks in their past, sans the horrendous design they wore between 2005 and 2022. The only flaw in the new look? ARIZONA running across the front on the home primaries. 

13 - Cincinnati Bengals

I could have done without the Chicago Bears-style numbering font. Other than that, the Bengals were spot on in their 2021 uniform redesign. Bonus points for them rocking the all-white look last season, and if there’s one team in the league that should have two primary helmets, it’s the Bengals. 

12 - New York Giants

What many believe to be boring, I know to be classic, and the Giants uniforms exemplifies that. These threads are nothing short of remarkable. Though I will admit - I like the 1981-1999 look better, so the current uniforms ARE, despite being a classic look, their second-best threads. 

11 - Cleveland Browns

You often hear “so bad, they’re good,” about these orange and brown threads. But like the MLB’s San Diego Padres and their brown and yellow look, the Browns got it right in a design that features classic and modern elements. The only real flaw? They still occasionally wear brown pants (why?), and please, ditch the brown facemasks.