Arizona Cardinals: Floyd’s night a bust in New England


Former Arizona Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd saw playoff action Saturday night

Former Arizona Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd has only been with the New England Patriots for about four weeks.  Saturday, he was the number three receiver for the Pats.

His night did not go very well however.  After a very good debut two weeks ago in Miami, Floyd was third on the depth chart for Saturday night with Malcolm Mitchell out.

Floyd had one reception for 9-yards.  He missed a pass from Pats quarterback Tom Brady however that caused an interception.  Vintage 2016 Michael Floyd.

Twitter-verse was not too kind on the former Cardinals receiver, who was released by the club in December because of a DUI arrest for which he showed no remorse and offered no apology.

Now, he needs to apologize to Patriots fans.  Saturday night was not a playoff-type performance that fans have come to expect.  Still, they defeated the Houston Texans 34-16 and move on to the AFC Championship next Sunday.

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Floyd’s performance was reminiscent of what he didn’t accomplish in Arizona this season.  We wish him well but Saturday night was a reminder why it was easier to see Floyd go.

Ouch.  I think overall, Floyd is more talented.  However if Mitchell is healthy next Sunday, maybe the Pats do go with him instead of Floyd as some are predicting?

Right now we hope Floyd gets his life back together.  Tonight was another reminder of that necessity.