Top 3 Arizona Cardinals to draft in your fantasy football league, and 2 to stay away from

The Arizona Cardinals may not be an exciting football team in 2023, but there are a few players wearing a red and white uniform you will want in fantasy.
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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Trey McBride
Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals / Michael Owens/GettyImages

3 - Trey McBride (Want)

If there is one pass catcher in this offense who could have a huge year, it’s Trey McBride. One thing to remember is that in this offense, you will see McBride playing tight end and fullback, which gives him sort of an H-back role and even more opportunities to produce.

This works in his favor, as McBride will catch passes from his natural position and from the backfield. And after enjoying a fantastic second half of 2022, there are no limits for what McBride can do in an offense built to favor tight ends.

4 - Zach Ertz (Stay away from)

There are many reasons I was never a fan of Steve Keim, and his tendency to trade for players just about to exit their respective primes was one major issue. This isn’t to say Zach Ertz hasn’t been productive in the desert - far from it. But he will be 33, and the Arizona Cardinals won’t have 33-year-old players in their long-term plans. 

That said, Ertz shouldn’t see much action moving forward, even if he is still listed as the TE1 on the team’s depth chart. Ultimately, and as I listed above, McBride will star in the main role sooner than later.