3 things the Arizona Cardinals offense must improve on in Week 4

The Arizona Cardinals offense has shown some life over the past two weeks. But if they want to shine in Week 4, they must improve in the following areas.
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Drew Petzing
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2 - Creativity

So far, creativity has been one of the Cardinals offense’s biggest strengths. But after they made some unorthodox plays in the season’s first three weeks, the Niners will be ready, so Drew Petzing needs to keep things unpredictable. However, look for the creativity to shine in the first half, as recent history doesn’t give us a reason to think otherwise. 

But as the previous section implied, that creativity must transfer into the second half. Perhaps catch the Niners off-guard by letting quarterback Josh Dobbs air it out on the first play in the third quarter? Or maybe they can get gutsy and roll with one of those end-around flea-flickers?

Even if such plays fail, they will keep the 49ers guessing, and that’s the entire point of running some trickery. If there is ever a game for Petzing to mix things up, it’s on the road against one of the NFL’s toughest teams.