The 3 weakest position groups on the Arizona Cardinals in 2023

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Arizona Cardinals have more strengths on their roster than many critics care to think. But they also have a few major weaknesses.

The Arizona Cardinals have their respective strengths at various position groups, mainly receiver (even minus DeAndre Hopkins), offensive line, and linebacker. But as one of the league’s weaker rosters, the Redbirds also have their fair share of weak units. 

Below we will discuss the worst position groups on the team, and how the Cards can improve them before the season starts. Keep reading to find out more. 

3 weakest position groups on the Arizona Cardinals

1 - Running Back

James Conner is one of the league’s better backs, but he’s also injury prone. And unfortunately for the Cardinals, there is no proven talent behind him. 

Even if Conner stays healthy, he’s still 28, which in running back years is aging. If Arizona wants to run the ball as often as their team is built to do in 2023, they need to sign someone better than what they currently have. 

While there is an intriguing name in Emari Demercado, no one currently strikes fear into a defense. It’s time to upgrade the position. 

2 - Interior Defensive Line

Dante Stills is the wild card, and although he was the 213th overall pick, I have no doubt he will be productive once he’s up to scratch. But there is literally no one else even remotely capable of producing at a high level. 

Leki Fotu and Rashard Lawrence have had three seasons. One has done little despite being given tons of opportunities, and the other has consistently struggled to stay healthy. 

L.J. Collier could turn his career around, but so far, he has done little in his NFL career. And Carlos Watkins is best suited for a rotational role. 

At this point, the Arizona Cardinals should, once he’s ready, roll with Stills and prioritize Collier. The latter was a former first round pick, and there is always a chance he can get it together in the desert. 

3 - Cornerback

Some might say a Kyler Murray-less quarterback unit should be here, while others might point to the position regardless if Kyler was cleared to play earlier than expected. But at this point, cornerback comes in at number three. 

Marco Wilson is the only proven player in the lineup here. And while there is untapped potential in Garrett Williams and Kei’Trel Clark, they are both relative unknowns until they prove otherwise. 

Antonio Hamilton is nothing more than an aging stopgap, and Christian Matthew has given us little to be excited about. The rest of the unit is best suited to make the team via special teams. 

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