Arizona Cardinals: 3 players who need a bounce back game in Week 7

The Arizona Cardinals 2023 season won’t get any easier with the Seattle Seahawks next on the slate.
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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Marco Wilson
Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

2 - Marco Wilson, CB

Marco Wilson hasn’t just had a few bad games; he’s been one of the worst corners in football since Week 1. At this point, Wilson needs to play good football for the rest of the year if he plans on remaining part of the Arizona Cardinals for the foreseeable future. 

Wilson was also one player I had listed as a potential trade piece before the deadline, as unless he puts up a few huge performances between now and October 31st, there is little reason to keep him around. But given the way Monti Ossenfort has been either trading or cutting Keim guys as it is, Wilson’s chances in the desert could be finished anyway. 

But, a bounce back performance would at least draw more attention his way. This would also make for good timing if the Cardinals can get Garrett Williams back onto the field before his three-week practice window closes. Or, if Wilson plays well this week and there are no plans to try and trade him, then he just gave the coaching staff a reason to keep him in the lineup.