Ranking the Arizona Cardinals uniformed matchups of 2023

If the Arizona Cardinals improved in one area this season, it was in their aesthetics. Here are the best (and worst) uniformed matchups for the season.
Arizona Cardinals tight end Trey McBride (85) catches a pass against the San Francisco 49ers during
Arizona Cardinals tight end Trey McBride (85) catches a pass against the San Francisco 49ers during / Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY
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Now that the 2023 Arizona Cardinals season is in the books, it’s time to make the ever-important rankings - how did each matchup look from a uniformed perspective? Now, if you’ve been reading my uniform-based content for a while, you’ll know that I’m no fan of so-called “cutting-edge” looks, and they are reflected in these rankings. 

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t a couple of surprises listed below, even if the majority of matchups featuring alternate uniforms either from the Cardinals or their opponents tank on this list. So where did each matchup rank in 2023, which ones would we love to see again, and which should go to the wayside? 

Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Arizona Cardinals uniformed matchups of 2023 ranked from worst to first

17th - Week 12 vs. Los Angeles Rams

Wow, when you combine the bone-on-bone look that the Rams like to wear at times with the Cardinals all-black alternates, you may have mistook this game for being a college football matchup. The Cards and Rams ironically also had one of the better uniformed matchups of the year on this list, but this one was not it

16th - Week 11 at Houston

There was nothing wrong with the Cardinals look in this one as they rolled with their icy whites, but wow, the Texans messed this one up badly. While their red helmets should receive a promotion as the primary look, pairing them with the “Color Rush” combo - yeah, that’s still a thing, makes them look like a high school football team. 

15th - Week 5 vs. Cincinnati

I initially liked the Cardinals all-black look, but that was before I saw it on the field, as both of its appearances graced my bottom three. In short, the Redbirds need to ditch the look for a throwback, or wear it just once a year perhaps if they ever get a prime time game.

14th - Week 1 at Washington

Ironically, while the all-black alternates dropped, the red-on-red looked pretty good on the field, and it’s way better than the previous red-on-red combo. Once again, this low ranking was at no fault of the Cardinals, but the Commanders, whose current uniform set is something we’ll need to deal with for another three seasons.